Need for guidance

After the founding of Alzúarr in 2017, Zeynep Dag received a lot of messages from women who saw her as an inspiration. They all asked how she managed to set up a business all by herself. For Zeynep, this had all to do with self-love and confidence and this is what she told these women as well. Because of the many messages, Zeynep decided to give masterclasses about self-love, confidence and how to use this to achieve their goals.

Education from strength, love and knowledge

Zeynep has finished three studies, which she noticed has gave her a lot of versatility in her line of work. Education is very important to her and this was a driving factor to start the Business Fashion Academy in 2019. This way, she could teach people on how to develop themselves with her philosophy of power, love and knowledge. During the study, people from all different backgrounds and walks of life learn to find their passion and to use their own strength into their advantage. Anno 2021, BFA has a year- and evening track and different courses on confidence, self-discipline and mindset. Besides this, Zeynep has also developed a program called ‘talent development’ where underprivileged students get to find their talent and passion and learn how to make a living out of it, all free of charge.